Organic & Biodynamic

Organic & Biodynamic

We practice organic and biodynamic agriculture on our farm. What this means for us is all souls who live here have an impact on one another. We focus on using what we have to nourish our plants and soil health is key to a successful crop.

Months before we plant our hemp we are composting manure from our chickens, goats and horses. This provides the land with nitrogen and other beneficial natural fertilization. Our chickens egg shells are baked, crushed and spread to add calcium. Raw goats milk is fermented to combat fungus.

Cover crops add vitamins and minerals back to the soil. Our livestock are grass fed and supplemented with organic grain. We do not use synthetic fertilizers. The cats help with rodent control, the goats keep the weeds down and the dogs protect our fields.

Hemp leaves rich in protein and antioxidants are fed along with CBD dried flower or supplemental oil to humans and animals. Essential oils keep pests away from plants and beasts. We companion plant helpful herbs, vegetables and flowers which attract beneficial pests such as ladybugs and deter unwanted visitors.

Compost teas are made and children need not worry about the dangers of harmful chemicals when helping us spray plants. Good vibes are thought when we tend to the crop. We want to provide health and wellness by individually taking care of one another which serves the whole in this beautiful cycle of intentional farming for the good of all concerned.

When we realize how we each impact one another, our level of passion and responsibility rise. We are inspired to continue our education and learn about this amazing plant called hemp. We’re all interconnected and have truly awesome and unique gifts to share.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and supporting small family farms. Organic and biodynamically grown hemp has so much to teach us and we are grateful to live in a time when it’s embraced in the USA.